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modelsonrunwayThere are now more cities than ever that can help a model become successful. One such city is of course Miami. Miami is a fantastic city for any aspiring models for a few different reasons. The Miami fashion district is actually a sub-district called Wynwood. This neighborhood is north of downtown Miami and is adjacent to Edgewater and Overtown. This is the district that is the primary artery of Fifth avenue in Miami.

This area is known for having tons of fashion designers, film production studios, and a large number of art galleries. Miami is popular for designers and aspiring models alike for a few different reasons. First off, the sunshine is perfect for those that are looking for a very beautiful place to create. Designers like Versace and others call Miami home for this very reason. Miami not only has the large number of stores required to make for a fashion forward city, it also has the clients and the buyers that are needed to make for a thriving fashion industry.

South Florida in particular is known for their fashion industry because it is one of the places where fashion finds a home first and foremost. Though it may seem like a city like Miami would be far more interested in the sun and spending long days on the beach, people that live in the city are actually quite concerned with their fashion. South Florida has a unique fashion all their own and has a great eye for what is going to be popular and prevalent in coming months.

Fashion is big in South Florida and it helps dictate and influence a number of wedding fashions as some of the biggest celebrity weddings happen to be Miami Weddings.

South Florida also offers a gateway to other parts of the world which makes for a great area for fashion to thrive. There are plenty of modeling agencies in South Florida that are interested in young talent and as such there are plenty of opportunities for young models that come to Florida hoping to hit it big. With so many designers, so many fashion houses, and so many stores and head quarters in the city, Miami presents a great place to start your fashion career. Much like St. Louis is the gateway to the West, Miami is the gateway to the United States and to the thriving fashion industry that we have created over the years.

And as always, the fashion industry has influenced and has been influenced by films. In fact, a lot of movie memorabilia has been used in both fashion and art shows. You can find evidence of that in Miami as well.